E800, Solutions for e-Commerce Communication!

       E800 offers e800 directory and software and hardware gateway as a productive tool and solution for e-commerce and businesses in general. The e800-Directory is a business and e-commerce information  and communication directory. It has the following features (Go to category of e800-Directory):

  • More convenient than Yellow Pages ---- allowing anyone on the Internet, domestic or international to call the listed number by a simple click

  • Electronic 800 number: better than a 800 number ----  converting any listed number into a global 800 number with no  toll  charges for either party

  • Same listing appears on e800-directory and your webpages represented by an icon or name ---- simply click and call

         The software and/or hardware gateway can fulfill the following functions:

  • Serve as your private Internet Phone Operator (IPO2U)

  • Can perform as a mobile gateway

  • Businesses do not need to have gateways in order to list their phone numbers on e800 Directory or distribute their Mi-Card to customers

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