Useful I800 Directory - Thousands of On-line Callable Business 800 Numbers

Consumers and callers, all appreciate the usefulness of 800 numbers. The i800 directory provides you a directory of 800 numbers which you can simply click and call from this screen or from your computer using CodecPhone. The i800 directory is supported by a choice of commercial gateway or the IPO2U Operator software gateway. Installing this software gateway on any PC or server can turn the PC or server into a VoIP phone operator. The commercial gateway or IPO2U Phone Operator can be configured to accept and call any phone number. The IPO2U Operator can turn any local business phone number into an effective e800 number on the Internet without paying for expensive 800 number toll charges.

This i800 Directory lists thousands of 800 numbers and they can be clicked and called and terminated by our gateway located at our data center. This is a useful business utility for commerce and e-commerce. You can also call some non 800 numbers listed in our e800 directory. There will be no costs to callers either, however, the merchants need to register their business numbers in the e800 directory. Enjoy free use of this i800 directory and submit your favorite toll free number to get listed!

Benefits of I800 Number and Directory

  • Collection of useful 800 numbers in one place and categorized for users' convenience
  • Extend 800 number accessibility from US domestic to world wide, accessible over the Internet with no dialing complication and no cost to callers
  • Convenient method for merchants to list their 800 numbers in i800 directory
  • Simple and effective calling software for users to click and call any 800 number listed; just download first time and use forever
  • Most productive tool for domestic and global e-commerce

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